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PDF Annotation 28/11/16 Full Version English
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10

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Free PDF Annotation Software for Mobile Devices

Softonic Editorial Team

  • Numerous editing functions are available with the click of a button.
  • After modifications all documents are saved in a PDF format.
  • While the initial application is free additional purchases may be necessary after the download to enjoy full functionality.
  • There is currently no ability to add images into a PDF document.

PDF Annotation is the best tool to edit PDF documents!

More author programs

Use PDF Annotation to edit PDF documents easy and conveniently. With PDF Annotation you can add a variety of shapes and text, choose a color and transparency of the added elements in the document, draw with a pencil, change the brightness of the background of document, and to make undo / redo of changes. This app will allow you edit any PDF.

PDF Annotation - Start work with PDF easy right now!

Try also a free trial version of PDF Annotation! Look for PDF Annotation Lite in the Windows Store!


•Read and Edit PDF files.

•Read and Edit PDF files, password-protected.

•The ability to scale the document.

•Editing of document:

•Drawing - pencil, circle / oval, square / rectangle, line.

•Change the outline color and fill color of drawn figures.

•Change the transparency of the drawn elements.

•Add the text to PDF document. Change the color and transparency of the added text.

•Text Tools: highlighting, underlining, (single, wavy), strikethrough.

•Add your own colors in the palette.

•Move and remove the added shapes and text.

•Selective and complete removal of the added figures and text.

•Change the brightness of the background of document.

•The ability to undo and redo changes.

•Viewing the change history. The ability to undo and redo changes.

•View the document structure, and page navigation.

•The list of the recently viewed documents.

•After saving, the documents will be in .pdf format.

•The ability to change figures (outline and fill color, transparency, size) after saving.


Version notes

PDF Annotation is now available for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile users! Use your favorite tool to edit PDF on any of your Windows 10 devices!

Previous version:

Dear users, this version includes more features to work with the text:

- Text Highlight Color;

- Underline (single, wavy);

- Strikethrough.

- Completely rewritten Application Engine;

- Added the ability to change figures (outline and fill color, transparency, size) after saving;

- Added hotkeys;

- Improved speed;

- Bug fixes.

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